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Image Plugin

The goal of this Image Plugin is provide a userfriendly way to integrate images into any type of web content which is edited using Aloha Editor.

Status and Updates

The Image Plugin is currently in an experimental state (as is Aloha Editor itself). Feel free to try it out, download and modify it.

  • 2010-08-17: The first upload of Aloha Image Plugin into the SVN repository.


  • Drag & drop your images into the editor right from your text area
  • Manipulate the alignment, border and title attribute of your images


For a live example see


There are many bugs remaining, especially to make it work in other HTML 5 compliant browsers. Currently this plugin only works in Firefox 3.6

Other todos include:

  • Allow inserting of URLs using a default button (instead of drag & drop)
  • Add API hooks to the plugin to allow uploading of the image in the background, instead of using a base64 representation in the src="" attribute of the image.

Download / Contributing

You can checkout the source code from subversion with the following command:

svn co

In addition the code can be viewed through a ViewSVN frontend.

If you want to contribute just email

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